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Ethnic Tour
On the first day an agent from our office will be waiting at the airport to assist you with your transfer and check in to your hotel, he will then proceed to give you information about general things in the country and schedule for your tours.

Our departure for Otavalo will take place after breakfast, the beautiful indigenous city of Otavalo known for its textiles and hand weavings also boasts the most famous indigenous fair in South America. Along the Pan-American north we can enjoy different Andean landscapes until we reach the Calderon village, which elaborates the famous figures made of mazapan in different forms and colors. Continuing our journey we´ll make a quick stop in Guayllabamba place known for its chirimoyas, a delicious typical fruit of the region. If the weather is on our side we can make a few technical stops to take pictures of the ice caps. We´ll also make a stop at the San Pablo lake, view point located at the foot of the Imbabura volcano, shortly after we´ll arrive to Otavalo where we can visit the plaza de los ponchos, here we can enjoy some shopping before we depart to the Peguche waterfall considered sacred to the indigenous people of the area. Finally we´ll visit a local community near Otavalo to learn more about their crafts and customs where we´ll have the opportunity to spend the night. (End of services for the day)


After breakfast we will depart to the province of Santo Domingo where we´ll visit a community populated by the famous colorados, indigenous community that got their name mainly from their red hair color dyed with "achiote".
The main attraction is nature, noted in its incredible biodiversity and various ecosystems, where the tourist will have the opportunity to participate in the communities customs and traditions as well as sacred spiritual cleansings. This place offers different activities such as; bird watching, a visit to the ethnic museum, small hikes, and folkloric arts.

Shortly after we will have time to bond with the people and the tourist interested can paint his/her face with natural colors used by the people of the community. (End of services)


This community is located in the province of Tungurahua in the central Andes of Ecuador. They are part of the Kichwa ethnic group and they speak the language that originated from the "runa shimi".

The tourist can appreciate the high quality of the original textile designs elaborated by the women in Salasacas. In each house hold we find at least one loom in which the sheep wool is woven after being washed and dyed with natural colors. These designs represent ancient gods like the sacred peak of El Tiligote where year after year this place is visited by progressions in which young salasacas collect vegetation for the natural colors used in their wardrobe as well as for incent and medicinal purposes and where they have an exchange with the Chibuelos community.


On this day we will visit the most highly indigenous populated province known as Chimborazo. The native language here is "quichua", each community has its own wardrobe characterized by the poncho for the male and the anaco for the female. We will visit the ice capped mountain range and volcano of the Chimborazo known as the highest in Ecuador. Shortly we will visit a small community where we can witness the elaboration of different crafts and the domestic raising of Llamas and alpacas. Finally we will visit the Balbanera church known as the oldest in Ecuador (1534) and the Colta lake.


Without a doubt one of the communities with the most cultural richness is the Cañaris, reason to why we will visit the community of Cañar. Here we´ll have the opportunity to try the typical drink from the area known as chicha considered "the drink of the gods". We´ll also see the typical wardrobe worn by the natives and we can recollect different products that belong to the agriculture of the area such as potatoes, beans, quinoa, etc. Finally to conclude our visit we´ll visit the most important archeological complex in Ecuador known as Ingapirca. On our departure to Cuenca we can delight some of the typical food of the area.


With a population of approximately 35,000 inhabitants, Saraguro is located in the province of Loja in the southern Andes of Ecuador. The native language is known as Runa Shimi which belongs to the kichwa ethnic group.

The tourist will be able to witness how the Saraguros practice and believe in different rituals as they manifest the relation with man and nature in the life of the community. The main value of the Saraguros is focused on their reciprocity and solidarity. Finally we can take part in a traditional dance and in a spiritual cleansing.


Shortly after breakfast you will be assisted by an agent with your departure to the Loja or Cuenca airports for you respective flights. (End of services)

*NOTE: If the tourists are interested we can merge these tours with the communities in the amazon or the coast.

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